Be The Professional

Total Football Manager will make you the greatest manager all the time.

Total Football Manager is a football game simulation which can be played on Facebook, Android, and IOS. This game is a collaboration project between True Digital Plus Co., Ltd. and Neowiz, that previously developing and publishing FIFA Online 2.

Total Football Manager will give you the best experience in football simulation game. You will take the full control of your team. Training system where you need to put the best method to bring out the best from your player. Strategy and tactic to make your team the best of all time. Taking care the club financial, such as setting the ticket price and expanding the club’s facilities. All those matters are in your hand now.  

Another great thing is, you could choose and play with real player and image from more than 20 leagues around the world. With the “Social Feature”, playing and competing with friends everywhere and anywhere, you’ll be able to get the unlimited excitement in experiencing the best football simulation game.

Let's start your dream now!
Total Football Manager: Be The Professional!