Spending Accumulation, spend more, get more!

Buy as much as you can until 17 november and get rewards for that !!

If you need to stock more arsenal for your team and get bonus after that, then this is your right moment to spend CASH in the shop 8)

Because only on 12-16 Nov 2014, each time you spend your CASH in certain amount, you will get reward bonus!
Here's the bonus

Here's the procedure.
If you spend CASH to buy anything in the SHOP, in certain amount, you will get reward bonus for that.
Let's say, you buy Player Pack and Energy pack in the shop for 1500 CASH. It means that you have right to get reward bonus as 1 Red Player Pack, 50 Energy, 15 Morale Booster, 15 Health drink, and 50K Point.
Please remember, that you can only get the reward one time. So, you better spend it wisely :)

Another thing is, for the TOP SPENDER, beside the reward bonus, you also will get @5 Top 100 Player pack for 5 TOP SPENDERS

*Note: Reward bonus will be delivered after maintenance 17 Nov 2014