Login for 10 days and get fantastic rewards each day

Another great event is available for all of you.
By only login in certain period (14-23 Nov), you can get reward each day, and a FANTASTIC reward at the end of the day.
Curious to know the detail? Let's see the procedure, shall we?

Step 1

Login to Total Football Manager website >>> 

Step 2
Please click the EVENT button at the right down corner and select event "10 days in a row"

Step 3
Click the "login with facebook" button

Step 4
After you click the login facebook button, you will get your reward sent to your gift box. (Please make sure you already have login to your correct facebook account to make sure the reward is sent to the right account as well)

Step 5
After that, you will see new page where the 1st day of the event is already completed (green tick on Energy symbol). Make sure you do the rest of login to TFM website to make sure the final reward is sent to your gift box. TOP 100 PLAYER PACK!

So make sure you guys login from today, 14 Nov to 23 Nov 2014!


*TOP 100 Player Pack will only be given if you continously login according to the terms and conditions of event