Get ready for more spectacular events on January!

New Year has come!! New spectacular events arrive with new joyous fun for your club.
We'll give you list of events that will make your club better and stronger than ever!

Shall we check them out!

1. Free 20 Energy (all January)
What you should do to get this free Energy? 
Just login to the game between 16.00 - 18.00 UTC+7, and you'll be delivered free 20 Energy right into your gift box.
*you could only get the free energy 1 time/per ID/per day.

2. Get EXP Bottle on World Tour mode
Still waiting for Europe zone? We're sorry for this, but we'll make it up by giving you all free EXP BOTTLE, each time you win match on World Tour mode.
This event will run every Friday and Saturday in whole January.
*You can get EXP BOTTLE as reward maximum 5 times/per zone/per day

3. 100% EXP BONUS on PVP match
Yes, 100% EXP Bonus will be delivered for your club, each time you win League, Cup, and Super league match.
Don't forget to watch the match too, to make sure you could guide yor team the whole to match to seize the win and get the 100% EXP Bonus.
This event will run from 1st - 12th January, so make sure that you can win all the matches.

4. 5 Cash Bonus on Cup and Superleague match.
More bonus for yor club will be given on Cup and Super league match.
Start from 13th january, when you have knockout system on Cup and Superleague match, you'll get 5 Cash bonus each time you win the and watch the match.
SO, make sure that your club is qualified from the qualification stage and win all the matches after to get the 1st trophy!

5. Training event for those who seek Glory and trophy!
This is the fastest way for you and your club to achieve more glory and trophy. Because skill speaks louder than luck in football.
Get your massive EXP by doing the training and 5 minutes cooldown for each training type.
Push your team to train harder on Training event on 12 - 14 and 26 - 28 January!
session 1, 20.00 - 22.00 UTC+7
Session 2, 01.00 - 03.00 UTC+7 

6. Scout player and get the best talent
Beside the Auction, Instant transfer or Player Pack; you can get best players too using the Scout feature.
During this period (2 - 4 and 29 - 31 January), you can use special event on Scout.

7. Tax discount on transfer market
From 28 January to 1 February, each time you sell the player on Auction and Instant Transfer, you'll get 30% tax discount for the money you will receive.
If you feel you need more fresh talent on the team, then this is the right moment for you to sell the "old" talent to the market.

Redy to get trophies this month? Let's join all the event and be the best manager, only on Total Football Manager ^^